Throwing stones in a glass house

Several weeks ago, I saw a story that caught my eye.  A younger man held up a sign during a football pregame show that he needed beer money (specifically Busch Light, which is probably why I read it.  Sweet, delicious Busch Light…mmmm) and put his Venmo on the sign.  For those over 50, Venmo is a way to send direct payments to individuals, like Pay Pal.  I’m 40, so I’m not judging, just offering to help.

This guy, Carson King is mid 20’s, so it started as a joke, then went viral and ta-da, he wound up with a million bucks.  Seriously.  He decided to donate the entire thing to the Children’s Hospital in Iowa that is famous for the Iowa football team waving to them during the game, as it overlooks the stadium.  Anheuser-Busch even stepped in a donated, plus offered him a year’s worth of Busch Light (either $140 or if Carson drank like I did in college, $23,134).  What a great story, right?

WELL THEN THE MEDIA TOOK OVER.  A newspaper report named Aaron Calvin decided, for some reason, to dig back seven years into Carson’s Twitter and found two racist tweets that allegedly were retweets/posts from Tosh.0.  (Daniel Tosh is a comic known for his edgy material.)  Busch beer pulled the endorsement and Carson King was shamed.  The paper, the Des Moines register, then came under fire for what many viewed as an unnecessary shaming.  The dude could’ve kept the million, but a reporter dug and exposed two tweets from when the guy was 16.  It poisoned the whole story.  Carson did jump out in front when he realized they were going to include them in the story, but it was damage done.

WELL THEN PEOPLE PUSHED BACK and found out the reporter had a MULTITUDE of trash posts on his feed.  Aaron had made posts about the n word, homosexuals including the f word and even threw in a “Fuck the NYPD” for good measure because they arrested a rapper he was fond of.  World shattering, no, but a perfect example of hypocrisy and Mr. Calvin didn’t donate a million to a kids’ hospital.  He was then fired and claimed to be a victim of “right wing ideology” like women and persons of color.  He is officially more hateable now for saying that than he was for exposing Carson in the first place, although in fairness, the paper thought it important to include that in the final story, or Aaron wouldn’t have also been investigated.

The moral of the story?  Internet works both ways, dummy.  Sadly, some people don’t get this.  The New York Times has had several reporters get noticed for anti Jewish posts in the past month and you would think the world’s most recognizable paper would be a little diligent with its own, since, you know, they are in the business of reporting.  But hey, I’m not a reporter so I go to research things I just violently crap myself and pass out.  Oh and as for Carson’s donation?  It’s now over three million bucks according to two sources I just looked up.  ON THE INTERNETS.

Things that have no reason to exist

The ability to comment on new stories – If it’s a new story, why is there a comments section?  I say ban the comments and make people start up a newspaper or blog.  This would keep people from turning a story about pet adoption into a racial or political quagmire.

Sparkling water – Do you like water?  Do you like water that tastes like a Sprite Zero that’s been left out on the counter for three days?  Then have a refreshing sparkling water!

Plain yogurt – seriously, what does vanilla add?  Like 2 calories?  Plain yogurt is like, well, I wouldn’t know, but it’s bad.  Let’s try this one, snot mixed with a 9 volt battery.  It’s awful and I don’t care how much crap you add to it.

85% of kid’s YouTube shows – I had no idea this world existed until a few years ago, but there’s one for example where some weird nasal-voiced white guy goes “Whooooooooaaaaa” everytime he sees something, usually a different color.  I haven’t sat down and watched, but his voice alone makes me want to forcibly remove his vocal chords.  “It’s a blue ball.  Whoooooooooaaaaaaa!!!!!  And a red one!  Whooooooaaaaa!!!”  I’m actually angry just typing this.


Well, this is embarrassing

We took the kids to cartoon day at the zoo.  It was uncommonly hot, plus chasing two kids around the animals and hillbillies wears a man down, so I grabbed a beer and got my wife a cider.  She took them to look at stuffed animals and I realized Batman and Robin were coming up and had the longest line.  I jumped in line so the little rugrats could see the Dark Knight.  After about ten minutes, I was getting closer and closer to the front of the line.  I looked around and realized I was a 40 year old man, double fisting alcohol, standing by himself in a line full of seven year olds and younger to see Batman.

As the line got closer, I began to get more and more aware of the shame, so I texted my wife and thankfull, my daughter showed up about a minute before it was really awkward.

Batman’s greatest ability is not to sweat profusely in that suit in 88 degree weather.

She hugged Batman and Robin, so a life of crime is probably not in her future.  Crap, I was hoping to retire early.

Proof the internet is ruining society: the Avengers Endgame example

I try not to blog about movies until they’re out of Blu-Ray (see previous blog about spoiler people…OK, who am I kidding, you won’t read it.  Synopsis: they suck).  Avengers: Endgame was the biggest movie of all time by box office receipts and the culmination of over ten years and I believe nineteen other Marvel movies.  Pretty impressive accomplishment…until you read online comments.

This is 95% of all internet comments.

First problem the uber nerds had?  Time travel.  They consulted multiple scientists, but guys who work the graveyard shift at Speedway feel it necessary to go on and trash how time travel was portrayed.  Here’s a thought from another non-scientist – maybe find out from say, real time travel, how wrong they were before commenting BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST YET OR PROBABLY EVER.  Arguing time travel is misrepresented for these losers is like them arguing about sex or what it would be like to not live in their parent’s basement – irrelevant as it won’t ever happen.

Second issue, aka the “Game of Thrones” argument.  “I would have done _____ differently.”  I saw a lot of that.  Not in a wistful way, but in a “I know everything” way.  Cool, then when does your movie come out?  OH THAT’S RIGHT YOU WILL NEVER PRODUCE, ACT IN OR DIRECT ONE.  SHUT YOUR HOLE.

Lastly, an extension of the previous one, the “Well, I liked until that ONE part.  That ONE part of a three hour movie ruined my day and life.”  I saw people trash the movie because of one issue, like when Captain America picked up Thor’s hammer it had lightning and that’s only for Thor since he’s the God of Thunder.  Never mind it’s actually in the comics, Randy from Mulberry Township has this everyone!   He’s the creator of…oh no, he isn’t.  Well, he’s a writer for…nope, actually not that either.  He’s a…um…guy with a laptop!  Oh man, time to listen!

The point is to go enjoy things for what they are or claw your eyes our and jam hot sticks into your ears so these traumatic events like fun movies don’t ruin your life.  I’ll choose to enjoy things as much as I can.

Suppressed memories and why I don’t do many road gigs

I had nearly pushed it from my mind, but thanks to Facebook memories, I was able to recall my Georgia show in 2012.  Back then, I was at the tail end of I’ll do any show at all in my comedy career.  I was offered a gig that barely covered gas, but my dad offered to split the driving and go on the road with me.

I got to the show in Savannah, Georgia, on Labor Day weekend and the bar had forgotten to 1) book the hotel or 2) promote the show.  After ten hours of driving, nothing like having no hotel to stretch your legs or shower before a show.  They found a hotel almost 30 miles away, but the lovely lady behind the desk wouldn’t take the bar’s card, so I had to front the money.  Nothing is scarier for a touring/traveling comic than getting a check from a shady bar, but having to cover the hotel is a close second.

The show finally kicked off and I did alright for the eleven people there, but then the bar wrote me a check for the hotel and the gig and I was sure I was getting stuck.  The headliner that night was Andy D, a guy who in all honesty looked like Kenny Powers but more white trashy.

That’s how I felt too, pal.

After watching a shirtless man in Zubaz pants dancing and wearing a repurposed Nintendo power glove, my dad said something along the lines of, “So this is what you do, huh?”  I had no rebuttal.  I was outside having a cigarette when a tall guy wearing cowboy hat told me after a brief exchange that comedians were the most miserable people he had ever met.  Well, you’re not wrong, Tex, you’re not wrong.

Iron Maiden concert review

I haven’t had time to blog, but I saw Iron Maiden on the Legacy of the Beast tour a couple weeks ago in Cincinnati and it was absolutely incredible.  We got down to the hotel and from the time we left to the concert managed to cram about four albums in.  We called an Uber were ready to roll.  The driver proceeded to kill our mood by playing tribal folk music the whole way there and taking the wrong route.  We did see this guy though.

Time to tell my wife to redo the family SUV.

For those that don’t know Iron Maiden, what is wrong with you?  Also, four of the five members have been playing together since 1982, three since 1980.  Their live show was like listening to a remastered album but with WW2 planes, swordfights and huge Eddie characters, plus fire.  They played ALL classic songs, from Aces High and the Trooper to Flight of Icarus and the Clansman (as Bruce yelled from the stage, for those of you who didn’t finish high school, that’s Clansman with a C, not a K – it’s about William Wallace).

The best part of the show is they announced they are planning another tour, so there’s that little insider nugget for all of you.  If you haven’t heard the best live band in rock history, you still have time to correct your mistake.  Steve Harris playing bass alone is worth the ticket.  Plus I picked up this bad Oscar.

Pushing the boundaries of casual Friday, yet again. Mt. Rushmore Eddie!