• Who you want in the crowd and who you don’t

    Posted by on August 31, 2018

    I did a show last night at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, not a radio station, but a bookstore/coffeeshop/bar, because names are goofy in 2018.  The show was actually call Unicorn Level Comedy Hour, because with a three year old daughter, I need more unicorns in my life.  It was a great crowd and made me realize further what crowds work in comedy, which do not.

    Good – Small group of friends, 3-5 people.  Bad – Huge group of friends getting together for the first time in a few months.  Small groups pay attention, look at each other when a joke hits close to home.  Huge groups start telling stories and it’s over.  Every time a gaggle of eight or more sits in the front row, you are in trouble.

    Good – Old weird people.  Bad – Old drunk weird people by themselves.  Old weird people give good feedback by occasionally giving weird input, since they are, well weird.  Usually yelling something like, “Hey, I like English literature!” or “That’s the kind of porn I like!” randomly.  Old weirds drunk and alone yell that every single joke.  It goes from “Hey, this is kind of helping my joke” to “Oh God, please let the ceiling fall on this guy.”

    Good – Friends of one of the comics.  Bad – Friends of the bar staff.  Friends of comics usually pay attention.  Friends of the bar staff hope they get free drinks and black out.  Plus the latter are always there, so they feel entitled and wouldn’t shut up if you were giving away the location of Blackbeard’s treasure onstage.

    Good – People having some drinks.  Bad – Blackout Billy, the guy who thinks he’s funnier or the bar’s number one regular.  My favorite interaction with a drunk ass who thought he was funnier was when I ran an open mic.  He started heckling, then paid me $20 to go onstage.  He did about 90 seconds, bombed and left the bar.  The whole time the sign up sheet was still open…for free.  Best $20 I ever made.  The bar’s number one regular, though, thinks he (or she) is the sun of the heliocentric tavern world and will refuse be interrupted.  I had a guy heckle me at a cancer benefit once – just before the show he was loudly talking about slow pitch softball.  By all means, please tell us more!  Comedy?  Meh.  Stories about sacrifice fly balls and Texas shootout doubleheaders between First Lutheran Church of Christ and Terry’s Radiator and Clutch?  HELL YES!

  • Post show interaction

    Posted by on August 27, 2018

    After one of my last shows, I had a very drunk man come up and offer me weed.  He was about 3 inches from my face and his breath was overwhelming.  Luckily for me, he was more interested in the ladies, so he moved on before I had to do something extreme, like set myself on fire or anything more pleasant than speaking to him.

    There is a very strange thing that happens after shows, where really drunk people decide it’s a good idea to approach a comic and engage in very strange ways. One guy came up to me and decided to bombard me with stories of his favorite comedian.  Not as is in, “have you ever worked with” or “are they an influence” – more just straight up “here’s something I like and you’re going to hear about it.”  The worst part is that I was selling shirts and books, so there was no escape.  He body shielded anyone that might buy something.  I actually did just straight up bail and leave my stuff to the masses after ten minutes.  It’s the comedy equivalent of leaving your keys in the ignition in a bad neighborhood, but it was worth it.  I ran to the bathroom and noticed he had moved right along to the next comic, showing them the same pictures he had showed me.  Probably cost me $100, because the room was packed when I first set up.

    Another couple approached me once after a good set.  “Oh man, you were funny.  We saw a show in Parkersburg about ten years ago, guy was hilarious.  Oh what was his name?  Um, he was a little taller than you, probably mid 40’s then.  Sound familiar?  Ever work with him?”  First, sounds like he made a great impression.  Second, here’s what I have so far.  He’s a guy.  He’s older than me.  That narrows it down to 750 comics it could be.  Luckily I have memorized every show done in the United States since 2001!  It was…oh wait, no one has.  See ya later.

    I did the Cincy Brew Ha Ha years ago also after winning the Go Bananas comedy competition.  Had a fun set and a guy came up to me afterwards – he had a face tattoo and looked like he had done at least a year in prison.  “You’re really funny, we should hang out some time!”  Well, I have never been an accessory to a felony…may be worth the material.  Let’s set up a playdate.

  • “She has a stinker on her butt.”

    Posted by on August 20, 2018

    My daughter is, as my grandmother would say, “Ornerier than a popcorn fart.”  I don’t know what that means, but she said it and it sounds pretty wild.  Ornery sucks to spell, by the way.  It took me five minutes to figure that out and I was my high school’s co-valedictorian.  That last word took a while too, but that’s Dewar’s fault, not my brain.

    Friday night she was fighting sleep like I fight sobriety.  HARD.  I went to get more milk, when the cat, that weird animal that lives in my house and murders things every five minutes, ran like hell’s fire down the hall.  That means one thing.  Dingleberry.  When the long haired cat gets a dingle, it’s crazy time.  I didn’t think about it, but when I came up I saw my sweet girl standing over something, talking up a storm.

    “It’s OK.  Accidents happen.”  There was a lovely cat turd with a piece of toilet paper the size of your thumbnail next to it.  “It’s OK.  Mazy has a stinker on her butt.  It’s OK.”  What in the blazes?  “I clean it, it’s OK.  Accidents happen.”  My sweet little sleepless hellion/angel was trying to clean the dingleberry, aka the “stinker on her butt.”  I now am terrified if my kid ever tells me she made a stinker.  God knows the magic that will happen when she starts repeating more words from mom and dad into her own little word factory.

  • Product review: The Bed Fan

    Posted by on August 13, 2018

    No, not a bed pan.  We all know those work just fine when you’re too lazy to go the can.  The bed fan.

    Ours is a love that will never die, bfan.

    The greatest invention of all time is the refrigerator.  Air conditioning a close second.  This is probably tied for third with a time machine or something.  IT’S AMAZING.  My wife got this on a Kickstarter and it finally showed up after years.  This bad oscar sits at the foot of your bed and blows cool air right up your legs.  No more night sweats.  Night terrors are on your crappy childhood, sorry.

    “But doesn’t it make your wife cold, Chris?”  NOPE!  Localized cooling goes straight up like Paula Abdul.  Plus if your undercarriage needs a cool blast, just spread those legs and let your grundle go from hot to not!  For someone like me that sweats at 54 degrees, it may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, with a crap ton of bacon and mayo between it (seriously, sliced bread is lame without a little more).

    So I officially endorse the bfan.  Sleep cool and well, sweathogs.  Bfan has your back…and legs…and beanbag.

  • What’s your fantasy (sport)?

    Posted by on August 9, 2018

    See how the title went from sexy to…even more sexy?  That’s right, it’s fantasy football draft season!  Where every alcoholic football fan becomes a powerful GM and team president.  It’s simply the best.  I decided to rank the fantasy sports, so you too, can understand more about this (fake) sports excitement.

    WORST – Baseball.  WORST (FANTASY) SPORT EVER.  You have to check your lineup every single day.  Baseball players after about 1994 get put on the DL if they sneeze too hard or get a hangnail.  It is exhausting, well, as exhausting as fantasy sports can get.

    NEXT WORST – Basketball.  Outside of four or five teams, does anyone give a warm poo about the NBA?  Have fun researching the Milwaukee Bucks roster for a backup power forward.  Be sure to peruse the stat sheets online for the Sacramento Kings vs. the Denver Nuggets to gain some insight.  Just awful.

    OK – Hockey.  If you can understand plus/minus and pay minimal attention it’s OK.  Similar to the NBA, good luck following the Winnipeg Jets backup goalie situation.  The good news is hockey players will play if they are on fire, so less injury checks.

    MILDLY GOOD – Nascar.  I know, I thought it would suck also.  It’s only once a week and any idiot can keep up.  You just pick five drivers a week and can only use a driver five times overall.  Plus I kept writing in Dick Trickle, so it was a fun time.  Drawback?  Actually watching NASCAR.

    DA BEST – Football.  Oh, how great it is.  Once a week (watch out for those Thursday games!) and the injury reports are usually very accurate.  You know the players, the draft is well documented (have fun following NHL rookies from Latvia) and the stats are easy to track.  You, football, are the champion of fantasy sports – at least until I get last place and set fire to my computer.  Screw you, 2015.  2014 forever.

  • Parties: Then and now

    Posted by on August 6, 2018

    I used to host a party every Halloween.  Here’s what went into it.  Buy booze.  Get Halloween costume.  Clean kitchen and bathrooms.  Run vacuum.  Have party.

    My daughter turned three recently.  Here’s what went into it.  Run balloons to get helium, but not too early or they could deflate, so I ran them the night before, picked up that morning.  Mop house.  Vacuum all non mop areas.  Clean everything.  Mow.  Weed whack.  Get juice boxes and mini-waters.  Get booze.  Get food for kids.  Get food for adults.  Draw welcome sign with chalkboard.  Put in order for coffee.  Pick up up cake.  Put up decorations.  Get custom t-shirts for kids.  Figure out gifts.  Print stickers for take home bags for kids.  Order stuff for take home bags for kids.  Wear dog out, give up, put dog outside.  Pull out serving dishes from depths of storage.  Realize balloon store left part of order, drive back and get it while people are pulling in.  Realize you forgot to put out ice and cooler.  Realize you forgot to get ice cream out.  Write down who gave what gift so you don’t forget thank yous.  Everyone leaves – everything in house is sticky now.  Kids make everything sticky.

    Yes, it’s a lot of work, but the difference is my daughter is dragging her new toys to bed to snuggle with them at night and no one called the cops at her party.  Plus booze made everything sticky at my old place also and I had nothing to show for it but a hangover and a $50 costume I never wore again.  Oh and no one invited their friends who stole CD’s or jumped off the balcony.  Maybe these kid’s parties aren’t so bad after all.  Except the music.  Please, God, stop the music.

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