Election year observations

BOY PEOPLE ARE KINDA MEAN TO EACH OTHER, strangely, every four years more than normal.

Hitler will be referenced more in the six months leading up to an election than in a History Channel week of World War II shows.

People really do believe sexual assault accusers…for the person they don’t want to vote for.

Holy hell, the conventions are overrated. I think they should cancel 90% of the speeches and let some NPR type voice read the actual platforms/agendas so people actually heard what the party leadership believes in.

I think debates should be Lincoln/Douglas style debates – long form and cover five topics a debate in depth versus five minutes back and forths where they just insult each other for 2/3 the time allotted. OK, maybe not in 2020, but every election afterwards.

The Democrats nomination process this past year. “OK, we hate Trump with every fiber of our soul. He’s a walking gaffe machine, an old white guy who represents the status quo with questionable statements in his past. Now, let’s go out an nominate the closest person to him that exists in our party.”

The RNC will feature Trump speaking every night because he’s more camera friendly than Mitch McConnell. I do hope the My Pillow guy speaks though, because I bet his story about hitting rock bottom on crack is something I would watch on Netflix.

I would vote for anyone that outlaws mosquitoes. Can we target mosquitoes with nukes? I mean, they’re just sitting around doing nothing right now. Maybe I shouldn’t be president, sure, but think outside the box, people.

Lastly, I hate to tell people, you’re not changing many minds at this point other than getting people to vote or not vote. Unless Biden or Trump is flinging their own poop at people while they are pushing buttons in the booth, most people aren’t changing. A lot, however, are going to stay home with the pandemic.