Why don’t you have more video clips of your comedy?

I have been asked this a few times, so here goes with a few reasons.

  1. When I first started, I put about 45 minutes of the lowest quality combination in history of jokes and videos. I used to record on a standard camera that had no businesses recording anything with zero ability to change sound or lighting or video quality. Then I would set the camera on a bar table and hope for the best. I then used the unedited clips with the free software to upload to MySpace. I went back in 2011, mortified, and deleted every single one.
  2. I tried to record a DVD for over a year on a real camera. Once, a wait staff member bumped my camera and I lost the whole thing. Another time the tripod wasn’t tight and the camera fell backwards and recorded the ceiling. Yet another time, everything was perfect except I bombed horribly. I finally got the set right but I watched it recently and I hate it more than if the camera recorded the ceiling, so I don’t promote it.
  3. I was planning on doing a new DVD this year and the pandemic hit, so who knows when I will get to.
  4. When I used to put free stuff out there, I got zero money for it and a dozen, “When’s the next clip coming online?” That got old real fast.
  5. Rooftop Comedy recorded and posted my winning sets from Go Bananas in Cincinnati. Then Amazon bought the site and took down all my clips and I never backed them up. I am an idiot.
  6. The only other video evidence is from when I was on Fox TV’s comedy show that came on after SNL on local Columbus TV. I was not exactly clean, so they spliced three sets into one. I’m wearing different clothes and it comes off very odd, plus my set stinks.
  7. You can only imagine how fun it is to prepare for a 30 minute set, lug a camera and willing person to record, hope the lighting is good, count on the crowd being large enough to give a good laugh background but not be too rowdy and lastly, actually tell good jokes. There’s a lot of “screw it, maybe next time” in that process.

In other words, I am usually funny, please take my word for it.