A couple questions for anti-maskers

Not sure if anti-maskers is a real word, but you get it. Here goes.

Are you mad baseball, hockey and basketball are gone? Me too. Want to lose football also? I don’t.

Sure, the infection rate is really low where you live. That’s what they said in my county too before we went to the next highest health level. Anyone in your county, neighborhood, office/warehouse or family travel outside that area? Anyone they run into on a daily basis travel? Not sure? One way to help with that.

Think the media is over-reporting or over-hyping COVID for ratings? I do too. Think the numbers may not be 100% accurate because of human error? Me too, I don’t think anything is 100% accurate. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself and others. Remember how dumb people that latch onto one little inconsistency sounded like nut jobs by yelling at Sandy Hook parents or that 9/11 was an inside job even though there was virtually zero disprovable evidence? Want to follow that thinking?

Think you’re tough? Not quite as tough as the 16 year old girl standing over a grill for eight hours that wears a mask for minimum wage? Not quite as badass as the nurse who works a double to cover two shifts and wears a mask for 16 hours before going home to sleep for four hours? You can do it. If someone can stand under a hot lamp and cut tumors off a brain for 12 hours, you can cover your face for 12 minutes before you jump back into your air conditioned car.

Think masks are uncomfortable? I do. Think they’re hot? Me too. Like wearing one? Nope, me either. I hate them. Think businesses should have had more a chance to mitigate or stay open if they could have proved a sustainable transaction path? Yep. I do also. I feel terrible for them. I think another shut down will kill off even more businesses. That’s why I will suck it up when I buy milk for my kids for 20 minutes.

Like your grandparents? Think your older parents should see Christmas? Me as well. Wear a mask. The death rate in people over 60 is high, over 70 is astronomical.

Still not convinced? OK, then stay the fuck home. Online shop. Order pizza. Rent movies via streaming apps. I hate masks, don’t trust the media’s intentions, don’t like the government or politicians, think businesses were treated very unfairly and want this shutdown crap over with. I’ve lost thousands of dollars in lost comedy shows and sales commissions for my job. I like having more money. The bookstore I took my daughter to for story time is closed. I liked taking my daughter to hear a story and get a cupcake. Some of our favorite restaurants are gone. I feel bad for the people that worked there and selfishly miss some of the food. I am sick and tired of people talking about the virus, telling me what to do and shoving politics into every aspect of this from both sides. That’s why I’m wearing a mask.

If I can help end this shutdown, keep my family safe, get college football back on TV and generally get people to shut the hell up about this virus, I’ll slap two on. You can wear one and not have be a “sheep” or a “pussy”. Using your brain and sucking it up for a month will end this faster than screaming freedom and pissing into the wind. So please put a mask on or get ready to pay shipping and delivery fees on everything you use.