What can Americans actually agree upon?

Since I would up being a semi-retired part-time comedian, I guess I finally put my history degree to use before the election to ask this (hopefully not rhetorical) question. What can Americans actually agree upon? First off, no one is agreeing on everything. It ain’t happening and never has. Secondly, no I haven’t done any official polls but my kids slept in so he goes my effort.

Term limits. I think “we” (I used quotations because everyone is ready to street fight right now with the election next week and the pandemic still raging) are ready for term limits. This idea, in my life, has typically been embraced by the right and center more than the left, but is now coming up with the Supreme Court on that side also. I think everyone can get behind the idea for Congress also. It amazes me that Congress has such a horrific approval rating, but most get reelected. Familiarity breeds contempt, but leads to votes. This is one reason I’m not one of those “everyone needs to vote!” folks. If you don’t pay attention, maybe you should sit this one out. Term limits were not added into the Constitution because by and large, the society back then didn’t support the idea of lifetime politicians. Sure, there were a few, but if you look, a lot more bounced between state and national and didn’t come out of Washington multi-millionaires.

No matter your politics, we can also agree there are simply not enough holidays from January through May. Sure, there’s Valentine’s Day and St. Patty’s, but if it’s not a day off work, it doesn’t count. Also, no more Christmas off work on a Wednesday. Three day weekend, please.

Campaign and lobbying reform. Sure, I get it. Most people only care about fundraising for the “other” side. I don’t care what your political leanings are, the amount of money being raised for these races now is terrifying. Senate races over $50 million spent? How many families could be helped by that? House races – a two year seat – at 10 million dollars plus? How much debt could be paid off with that money? As for lobbying, these ex-politicians that enter the meat grinder of K Street and come out even richer is getting old also. There is too much graft leading to increased interest and cost for the American people. I think this is another bipartisan idea that can work: not so much money in politics. No matter where it’s coming from.

You know what else is bipartisan (or should be)? People that don’t replace the TP should be put in the stockade. And no, leaving a half torn square doesn’t count as doing your part. And single ply is banned. What are we saving, three cents a pound?

Human trafficking and drug reform. Whatever your politics, these are major issues. Too many kids at put at risk by their own parents and caregivers by trafficking and drug abuse. No, I’m not talking some grandiose network of millionaire abusers, I’m talking someone on the other side of the tracks. We should be able to agree that there are too many child abuse and child death stories in the news, as in one is too many, let alone the untold multitude of neglected children being raised by habitual abusers and drug addicts.

I think we should also agree on the following, liberal or conservative, Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Daylight savings is dumb and needs to go. No one wants the stupid ass night to start at 5 pm. Stop it.

If you try to merge onto a highway at 20 mph, the road has a big spring under it and launches you into the air like Wile E. Coyote.

My kids need to sleep more or learn to about 50 chores, like reorganizing my garage and mopping floors. They’re five and two, so maybe just sleep more. Maybe that’s just me, but c’mon America, help me out.

If we can approve term limits, we can approve post limits. After your fourth non-funny post on social media, your devices lock out for 24 hours.

Lastly, maybe realize people have different life experiences and opinions and you may not like it, but it’s OK. Example: I like scotch better than bourbon, my wife like pineapple on pizza and some people mouth kiss their dogs. Maybe not popular stances, but it’s OK. Alright, not the last example, that’s just weird. Dogs lick their nether regions like all day. Long story short, in a week (or a month depending on the courts and whatever idiocy we are due for) you may or may not like the result, but either way, the government isn’t supposed to matter this much in our lives and maybe we can get worked up about that for a change.