• Top what if moments for Game of Thrones

    Posted by on April 24, 2019

    Jokes be damned, it’s GoT week and I overthink this show, so here goes – the top “what if” moments of this show.  SPOILERS GALORE.

    What if Littlefinger had been killed in the duel for Catelyn Tully’s hand?  (A: The entire show, pretty much, wouldn’t exist)

    What if Ned Stark had arrested Joffrey when King Robert passed from his wounds as he was advised?

    What if ATT messes up my HBO subscription again and I have torch their entire company?

    What if the Starks never attended the Red Wedding?

    What if Bran never allowed the Night King to touch him in his vision and the Three Eyed Raven and Children of the Forest still lived?

    What if there was a show just about the direwolves?  (A: I would watch.)

    What if the dragons never hatched?

    What if Rhaegar slew Robert instead of the other way around?  What if Lyanna Stark survived childbirth?

    What if the Hound and Mountain fought to the death in season one like we hoped they would?

    What if Oberon Martell killed the Mountain straight up at their duel?

    What if there was no green wildfire bomb vault at King’s Landing?  (Battle of Blackwater Bay and Cersei’s coup against the church and Margarey Tyrell)

    What if Ramsay Bolton had been discovered in disguise early and killed before Theon was turned into a broken husk?

    What if there was a show where I could watch Ramsay Bolton get killed 134 times per show?  (A: I would watch it every week, I hate his guts with all my guts.)


    What if Khal Drogo survived his injury?

    What if the Night King was never created by the Children?

    That should do it for now, I’m out of coffee.


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