• Stuff no one told me before I had kids

    Posted by on July 8, 2019

    My daughter can argue with a rock that it’s not a rock for an hour.  We can let her pick out her shirt, pants, hairstyle and socks, but if the shoes are wrong, it’s go time.  WHY IS OUR KID JUST LIKE US?

    My son poops about 26 times an hour.  His latest fun game is wake up, somewhere between 1:30 and 4 and have to play so he can drop a deuce.  Doesn’t sleep in any later on the weekends though!

    No one told me I would talk about poop and pee this much.  Sure, I was given a general indication, but poop and pee and potty is about 40% of the talk these days.

    My daughter ate everything under the sun, then the magnetic poles tweaked or some meteor passed too close to the Earth and now it’s ham, chicken nuggets and ice cream.

    My son will literally grab and destroy, throw or at the least mess with everything.  He tried to break the microwave, pulls pots and pans out, picks up glasses of water you set down for 12 seconds, throws credit cards anywhere and even invented a cool game called toss stuff in the trash or toilet.

    I thought I would be one of those “we don’t watch TV in this house” parents for about a week, then I realized an iPad in a kid’s hand is the only way you’re getting anything done.

    Whomever said the twos were terrible must have sold their kids to the circus when they turned three.

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