• I think I got ripped off

    Posted by on July 2, 2019

    On day 2 of my mini-vacation to Vegas, my wife went to do work stuff while I really lived it up.  I took my fat self into the gym, where there were treadmills I couldn’t figure out, which is a pretty good analogy for my fitness level currently.  After the workout, I stopped by one of the hotel stores to get deodorant.  I hadn’t flown in a bit, and I only check a bag when you put a gun to my head, so I realized that morning I was out of deodorant.  Being 101 degrees out, I thought this may be important.

    I found that this particular store had zero men’s deodorant, so I ended up playing eeny meeny meiny mo (how the hell do you spell that?) and going with women’s Secret.  Strong enough for him, still smells like grandma.  I also grabbed a water and approached the register.  “$15.83.”  Excuse me, I thought you said almost $16 for travel size women’s deodorant.  Oh, you did.  I bought it because there was a long line and taking a $12 Uber to get cheaper toiletries seems wasteful.  Of course, upon returning to the room, I could have just used my wife’s deodorant and saved like $46 or whatever this magic pit salve cost me.

    I really showed them though, when I won $18 dollars playing blackjack (which my wife lost by hitting the max bet button on the video blackjack).  I think it’s time to return to Ohio.

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