• Well, that was dumb

    Posted by on October 27, 2017

    One of the hardest parts about typing a blog regularly is finding good topics to write about, and in my case, hopefully mildly humorous or funny.  I have been slammed with moving and preparing our old house to sell, so I thought I would scan the headlines last night and see what hot, trendy topics could help jog the brain into action.

    I found seven stories about rapists and sexual assault, six headlines about political topics, three stories of parents neglecting their children which led to their deaths, a husband murdering his wife, several Star Wars and comic book movie headlines and finally an animal abuse article.  Thanks, news!  I can’t wait until the laughs start flowing from my fingertips.

    Then I heard my daughter say, “I got boogie in there” and “Where did pants go?” as she ran around, defying any attempt to clothe her without a severe and epic battle for the ages.  Maybe I’ll stop reading news articles and try to find these damn pants or teach her how to fish that boogie out.  I’m good at one of those things.

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