• Well, it’s a good thing we moved out

    Posted by on October 29, 2017

    I went back to my old house this weekend to clean and put some highly potent tub seal paint in our bathtub and on the tile.  I really wanted my wife to do it, but apparently being pregnant is a problem in this and 134 other countries with this paint.  So I sucked it up (literally, I may altered my DNA) and got to work.

    I had use a bucket, first with bleach and water, then an adhesion promoter with a scour pad.  It was getting potent, so I put on rubber gloves and a respirator, making several trips in and out of the bathroom while blaring music.  I finally walked past a mirror and realized any neighbor looking in the windows is 100% sure I’m a full blown serial killer dissolving a body in the tub.  Especially since I had to come back after five hours for the second coat.  Oh well, at least I have yet to terrify my new neighbors, but I found out the gas station down the street carried this.

    There goes the neighborhood!


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