• Things I learned moving

    Posted by on October 20, 2017

    1. I had no idea I had this many shirts.  I also, until I tried several on, no idea how small I used to be or large I am now.  It was the most depressing thing I’ve done in five years.
    2. I realized we have used about 15% of the crap in our kitchen.  That’s it.  Let’s face it, you use the same bowls and plates, every once in a while a pan, skillet or cooking tray and that’s it.  I have woks, odd pots, lids that don’t match anything and enough glassware to open a retail store.
    3. Don’t move anything until your wife approves.  Found that out after thinking the Christmas decorations should go in the attic – turns out the shed is the correct answer!  (Back throbs with regret)
    4. I’ve been playing a fun game of where in the hell is my stuff?  The other day I finally found my shoes in the bottom of a huge trash bag.  I pulled out each one and it took me 15 tries to find the right ones.  I did however find my wife’s magnifying mirror and realized I have the eyebrows of a 60 year old Greek man.  I have eyebrows where none should be.  Time to throw away the magnifying mirror or just accept I am undergoing the slowest werewolf transition in history, real or imagined.

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