Chris Coen’s truths of comedy

I did a blog last week and I thought this might work, so here goes…this is not be a pretentious ass, just what I see.  Plus these are easy to do…

#1 If anyone gives you comedy advice about how to be funny, they’re probably not funny.

#2 If you do comedy, someone (sooner rather than later) will tell you a joke you heard in 3rd grade and say “You should do that onstage!”

#3 You should never do that joke.  We’ve all heard it.

#4 “We should get together and write some jokes!” means “We are going to pound beers and accomplish nothing!”

#5 You will find out how cool/uncool your significant other is when you bring them up with a mike in your hand.

#6 Any comic that says, “I just get up there and wing it!” is full of shit or is a really bad comedian.

#7 If you wear a funny t-shirt onstage on purpose, you are a douchebag.

#8 If you reference that funny t-shirt onstage, you should be forced to have a Rochambeau with a barn mule.  (That’s a nut kicking contest)

#9 If you do a dead baby joke and someone laughs, that person (and you) have been arrested.

#10 If you hear this intro – “This next comedian does clubs and colleges all over the US…”, there’s a 99% chance that comic has done neither a club or a college.

More tomorry, kids!