Chris Coen’s comedy truths, part two

#11 There is nothing funnier than watching a new comedian bash an experienced emcee, because the revenge line will be so mean upon the emcee returning, it trumps the newbies’ whole act.

#12 Delusion is the number one trait of new comics.  See #11.

#13 New black comedians are 50/50 on having stage names.  New white comedians are dumb enough to use their real names.  Either way, no one will remember your name, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

#14 Any new, young, white male comic will, without fail, do a joke about jerking off.

#15 Any new, young, black male comic will, without fail, do a joke about banging white chicks.

#16 Anytime you see a comedian reading jokes off a piece of paper, they suck.  Hard.

#17 High energy black comedians make white middle aged crowds laugh.  Or act like they’re laughing because they’re scared.

#18 Low-energy white comedians make black any-aged crowds heckle the shit out of them.

#19 Men and women are different.  Black and white people are different.  Dogs and cats are different.  Your joke based on those premises probably isn’t different than what’s been done a million times, but if you find a good one, it will kill every time.

#20 There is nothing more depressing than selling shirts after a show…and going home with a full bag of shirts.  NOTHING!