Well, I guess I still do stand-up

I had a show Saturday, my first one since I think July. I don’t even know what month it is now, all time has melted into one pandemic sized pool. A long time, however, by far the longest I have ever had between shows. AND YES IT WAS SAFE. I had COVID in early December, yet still wore a mask while walking up to the stage, plus the crowd and audience followed mask and seating guidelines. It is amazing to watch people adapt to the rules versus when this all first hit. Gives me a glimmer of hope in humanity that will probably disappear after the first comments section I happen to read of any news story.

I actually did almost zero prep work. My last shows all the way back in the summer of I think this year, I butchered a joke horribly and felt off, so I did what any true professional does and just let it rip. I did have a few minor pandemic related references and one joke just to address the elephant in the world. As I started, I fudged one punchline a bit on a joke I hadn’t done in a year, but muscled through and looked down at my watch at one point. I was over my needed time by five minutes. I had about five more jokes ready to roll, but closed it out and got off the stage. I also enjoyed watching the headliner’s set, it was strange all around to sit and see a real show going on.

So, I guess, in summation, I still do stand-up and I was beginning to wonder. I got so annoyed when people asked lately, I was beginning to resent comedy. It almost felt like an older player forced into retirement before being ready, except in my example, the old player is really old and never had any talent outside of public speaking and saying stuff most people wouldn’t in front of strangers. Anyhoo, it was strangely natural being onstage and I’m grateful I got to do it. It was nice to see people enjoying my material aka stroking my fragile ego and need for attention. Now back into my cave until the next one! See you May 22, Newark, Ohio!