Complaining about the complainers

I complain. A lot. There’s a lot to point out, after all, everyone is subject to stupidity (except you, reading this very intelligent tour du force). Lately though, I think I hate the internet commenter more than anything on Earth or possibly the solar system.

Fresh example one: The Super Bowl Halftime complainer. Do I enjoy the Weeknd’s music? Not so much. I hate the way he spells his name and really only know one or two of his songs. (It’s one, but I’m assuming I know another and didn’t care to find who sang it). The halftime show? It was weird, but people were actually bitching that he didn’t dance. You know why I don’t care? Most “singers” on the show dance but don’t sing. So I commend his strange ass. He had the balls to sing live at the Super Bowl. Good for him. That said, can we get GNR on the damn show before Axl turns 70? Seriously.

Example two: I saw a thread of people hating on the Marvel finale Avengers: Endgame because the time travel didn’t fit their understanding of it. Oh, I’m sorry, are you a time traveler? No? You work at a Speedway? GTFOH. Also, you’re going to watch a man design a metal suit and push a live nuclear missile into a wormhole, then fall to Earth again to rejoin a 100 year old soldier, a radiated green goliath, the Asgardian God of Thunder and other made up characters, but you have an issue with the nuances of fake time travel. Go take a garage nap with the engine running, you wanker.

Now here’s a real complaint to get back to my normal surly self, who has legit complaints. Can everyone with $5 in Robinhood stock acting like Gordon Gecko? Having Reddit doesn’t make you a Wall Street Tycoon. I think it’s interesting and love the support for struggling businesses against hedge fund dbags, but just stop it with “insider info” you spew like these billionaire blue bloods aren’t two days from tanking your stimulus check because they have the time, money and insider wet kisses that your internet chat room dreams about.

Basically the point of this blog is only I can complain about stuff and you can’t. There. Glad we are all on the same page.