How to fix the debates

Since I’ve done two shows in six months and nothing is allowed to funny anymore, I will continue my very serious blog turn. OK, not really, but here goes.

  • Get rid of moderators. I know what you’re thinking. The debates have been chaos. I just noticed after the first debate everyone of the left said Chris Wallace was a wimp and everyone on the right said he was biased. Here’s an idea. Have the candidates talk for 10-12 minutes uninterrupted. The other one gets 10-12 minutes to respond. Then a 2-3 minute rebuttal each. They have to talk about the three topics picked most important off three independent polls of registered votes and they can pick one other topic each, plus one they both agree on if not in the top three or their personal pick. In other words, let’s say the top three topics picked by Americans are the economy, healthcare and foreign policy, then Trump picks border security and Biden picks the pandemic and they both agree to talk about the police.
  • More time. I kind of covered this, but when you give a candidate two minutes, they aren’t going to give a serious answer. If someone can’t talk about a top issue for more than two minutes, they deserve to be beaten in an election.
  • If they get unruly, their microphone is cut off after a grace period of 30 seconds over the time.

There you go, all better. You’re welcome, America.