• The parental debate: Worse if kids are sick or you are?

    Posted by on May 24, 2019

    Once I had kids, I heard something I had never thought of before.  “There’s nothing worse than your kids being sick.”  It’s true.  Both my kids got croup or croop or whatever in hell that vile barking cough virus is that kept them up all night hacking and snotting and oozing.  So being sick with them is a walk in park, right?

    When you’re sick and the kids aren’t, you are willing to offer a human sacrifice just so they will go to sleep.  “Please let this be a day you just want to watch Toy Story on repeat, oh please God and baby Jesus…”  “I want to go to the park!  I want ice cream!  I want to ride a horse and a cow!”  “What?  Who told you about riding horses?  Son of a bitch!”

    Of course, the whole debate is a moot one – WHEN THE KIDS ARE SICK, YOU’RE NEXT BRAH.  Oh it’s coming and it’s coming for you.  If you’re one of those parents thinking you are so cool telling everyone it’s worse when the kiddos are ill, put on your seat belt, the ride is just beginning; you are going to experience both, dummy!

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