• And now, our watch has ended. (SPOILERS)

    Posted by on May 20, 2019

    SPOILERS AKA DON’T READ!  I mean don’t read if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones.

    And now what the hell am I going to watch?

    Well, it’s finally over.  No more armchair show writers online arguing with fanboys, no more “who is getting murdered this week” to watch.  Now we can just fight about people’s opinions!  I’m still processing, but I thought I would review my office pool we made before this season.  MORE SPOILERS, SERIOUSLY YOU’VE BEEN WARNED AND I PUT A WHOLE PARAGRAPH IN HERE.

    How bad was I at this? NOT AWFUL

    Good – I picked Arya to kill the Night King, clearly my shining moment.  I thought she was the only one with enough stealth skill to pull it off.  I also picked Tormund, Samwell, Tyrion and Jon Snow living, plus Euron, Jamie, Cersei, Varys (boo), Dany and the Hound dying.  I went light on white walkers also, which held up.

    Bad – I picked Melisandre to become a walker in a hurry, but thought her magic would protect her from that fate.  I had Sansa not making it because of her lack of fighting skills, but she’s now a hardened take no shit ruler.  I had half the King’s council dead, at least.  Seriously, now did Podrick survive?  I also went with Jon Snow on the throne, but technically, there is no throne…plus we never did find out if Dany was knocked up, but I’m going with no.

    There’s tons of reviews out there, but I’ll do quick awards.

    Best character arc: Sansa Stark.  From naive to the most skeptical person on the show, which is saying something.  Great ending for her.  Runner up: Bronn.  Not anyone’s favorite, but went from basically a security guard to ruling most wealthy kingdom of the six.  Complete scumbag, but pulled off a hell of a rise.

    Worst character arc: Tyrion Lannister.  Got dumber when he sobered up.  WHAT’S THE POINT, STAY THIRSTY MY FRIEND.

    I miss you, boo award: All the direwolves but one.  I want more direwolves in war scenes.  I want direwolves playing poker scenes.

    Best final season moment: The ol’ switcheroo on the Night King.  Runner up: The drinking by the fire scene before the battle of Winterfell.  Giant’s milk for all!

    Worst final season moment: (Tied) Jon Snow drawing up a battle plan is like watching a guy on coke play chess.  Also, Varys got treated like a bitch.  Not pleased with how fast and easy that went down (yes, a lot went fast – we know, everyone is saying it).

    Now for the spinoffs or whenever Mr. Martin finishes the books.  In other words, two years or never.

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