• Game of Thrones predictions

    Posted by on April 12, 2019

    Here’s my GoT bracket, lock it down, I’m taking home millions.  OK, probably $15 or whatever we get from the office pool.

    My guess: A lot of people may not make it

    My upset pick is that I think Arya Stark will kill the Night King.  Too powerful to take on head to head, she gets it done with dragonglass daggers.  Jon Snow on the Throne because he doesn’t want it, so why not?  Daenerys is definitely knocked up.

    Other than that, Tormund better make it.  He’s my favorite character – badass, funny and from the Free Folk and I sure do love me some Freedom.  I think Jaime kills Cersei but dies.  All the Greyjoys are going down.  Theon may leak through, but he has no dick, so what’s the point?  The Hound will die doing something noble.  Bran will die doing something like warging a dragon.  Sansa is not going to make it because all the Starks can’t make it.

    I’m probably wrong, since it’s Game of Thrones, everyone will die except Samwell Tarly and he will rule the Iron Throne knowing how this show goes.  Who cares!  Bring me more Game of Thrones!

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