• OSU vs. Michigan: The Great Debate

    Posted by on November 20, 2017

    About seven or eight years ago, Dan Swartwout asked me to be a part of the “Great Debate”, a charity event put on by the Rotary Club of Hilliard.  It’s a debate, in the form of a roast, where four people on each side represent Michigan or Ohio State, using wit and sarcasm to battle for points, as it primarily relates to the rivalry.  It has really blossomed into a huge event with over 500 attendees and this year they were able to raise $55,000 for charity.  Of course, the crowd is 99.7% Ohio State fans, so Ohio State has an undefeated record thus far in the debate.  Shocking, I know!

    I’m a lifelong Buckeye fan and started off on Ohio State, but for several years now, I’ve been “debating” for Michigan, I think primarily because a chunk of comics don’t know anything about sports and even fewer are willing to do it for the enemy.  I’m used to being disliked, so why not?  Hey-O!  It’s actually fun and challenging, plus I know trying to burn Ohio State in Columbus when they have won five in a row is about as productive as pissing into a hurricane, so I usually roast or mention the other comedians.  The worst part is people asking me what it’s like to root for Michigan and live in Columbus, because it happens about five times per debate.  I imagine it’s like being someone who likes Miracle Whip more than mayo.  I actually got some pics and the audio – safe for work, as in, if your job is cool with you listening to a roast during work hours.

    “Well, since everyone already hates my guts, let’s begin.”

    Phil Kelly, Dan Swartwout, Jason Banks, Dino Tripodis, Nickey WInkelman, Matt Ward, Adrian Cosby, me. (Not pictured David McCreary)

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