• Let’s try something positive (yes, I said it and mean it)

    Posted by on November 8, 2017

    Let’s face it, if you watch the news, it’s a veritable grab bag of animal droppings.  Even this story I’m about to share is awful, in many respects.  I saw this pop up on my feed -`http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/03/health/cancer-patient-christmas-trnd/index.html

    It’s a story about a nine year old that’s been fighting cancer for over half his life and has been given a month to go.  He wants to get a bunch of Christmas cards, so click the link and send him some cards.  As in now, please.  Also, if you’re on Twitter, hit up @starwars and ask them to get him a movie viewing.  They did it for a guy once who was a huge fan, so I know they can do it for a kid.  (He’s a huge Star Wars fan).  That would be really cool – not sure if there’s any other way to message them; I’m not exactly connected to Hollywood these days…or ever.

    So to recap – 1) send this kid a card and 2) tag @starwars on Twitter to see if they can help arrange a movie viewing soon (it comes out in December) and 3) come see me at the Columbus Funny Bone tonight and buy all my books for stocking stuffers.  OK, forget #3, but do the other two if you can and spread the word.  I’ll hashtag stuff, kids seem to follow that. #trump #nfl #xbox #beer #nakedpicturesofsomeone #russia #freemoney

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