• Christmas traditions

    Posted by on December 19, 2017

    I have a few Christmas traditions, just like everyone else!

    Learning how to wrap.  I’m so bad at wrapping presents I have to watch a You Tube video every year as a refresher.  I used to actually just give gifts in the bag from the store; not the gift bag, the regular take it home bag.

    I buy almost every present in one or two waves.  I sit down online or attack a mall in an afternoon with an idea list.  My wife will begin Christmas shopping probably about May or so, looking for deals, online specials, unique offers.  At least I started early this year – in other words, before December 21.

    Putting up zero decorations.  Since I got married, this has changed, but I put up a tree one year and my dog got spooked, so I was done.  That and I’m lazy, so bah humbug.

    Watching Christmas Story.  It’s on for 24 hours, so I actually haven’t seen the beginning of the movie in 30 years, but probably seen the ending 74 times.

    Wishing a pox on snow lovers.  I despise the “I hope it snows!” crowd on Facebook.  I used to love snow too, then I got a driver’s license and a job.  Snow sucks.  Driving in snow sucks.  Shoveling snow sucks.  Other people’s driving to work sucks.

    Spreading Christmas cheer.  Some old guy jumped in line right in front of me at the grocery store, so I shoved his cart out of the way and then he rammed mine with his.  I didn’t then put him in a headlock, so it must be Christmas.

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