• Bruno Mars concert review from an old metalhead

    Posted by on September 21, 2017

    I bought my wife tickets for Bruno Mars what felt like 7 years ago, but last night was finally the night.  If it’s a big name, you have about 14 minutes to buy tickets online when they release a half a year or more before the concert.  Better than Janet Jackson whom I bought tickets for orignally, who then got preggers in her 50’s and postponed the concert, so the ticket company rescheduled for a vacation we had planned, then postponed again and finally refunded my money after a year.  (She then rescheduled the concert a week later.)  We went to show, me knowing five Bruno Mars songs and her in the 2nd trimester – party time for the Coens!

    Something called Dua Lipa was the opener.  I think I had Dua Lipa once, but there’s a cream for that, so I’m OK now.  Turns out she’s a British singer.  Well, you learn something new every day…or once a season for me.  She sang well, but I didn’t know one song of hers.  I had a nine dollar beer though, so I didn’t really care if her backup band was cranking jack in the boxes for the beats.

    After a big stage setup, Bruno came out.  I will say this, I may not listen to pop or R&B or whatever isn’t heavy metal often, but he is very talented and his band was also top notch.  His keyboardist played Beethoven (my wife told me that) and they were all dancing in sync (not N Sync, I have my limits) which reminded of a 60’s Motown group.  I also didn’t know Bruno played guitar, but he didn’t play any Megadeth or Black Sabbath covers, so I really don’t know why he bothered to pull it out.  He also didn’t yell “O-H!” like 95% of the bands I’ve seen in Ohio, so he got points there.  He lost points for wearing shorts onstage because I am not allowed by rule to do that in comedy and it’s not fair, because I can sweat in 48 degree temperatures.

    I was probably most fascinated by the pedicab we took back to the car.  Some guy that looked like a roadie for Puddle of Mudd – Puddle of Mudd now, not 2004 Puddle of Mudd, was pedaling like a beast.  I realized I should probably pick up a side job doing that, since my workout now is picking up the same toys for 3 hours and I don’t get paid shit for that.  I think my wife had a good time, which was all that mattered to me, plus I also got her Ed Sheeran tickets for her birthday, so I think she owes me a flight to England to see Iron Maiden or should arrange a Pantera reunion show with Zakk Wylde on lead guitar.  I just wait for her to take of that after the baby is born, of course, I’m not unreasonable.

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