Chris Coen’s comedy truths, part 4

#31 Every comic does stuff they know.  Examples – Gay comedians do gay jokes.  Fat comics do jokes about being fat.  I do jokes about drinking and being a hilljack, sorry if you want jokes about foreign films and fine wines.

#32 Exception to the rule above: I do relationship jokes, thus proving truth #31.

#33 Every comedian bitches about people texting during their set…then promptly updates all their social network sites while other comics are onstage.

#34 Every comic has a really funny story they can’t make into a funny joke.  It sucks.

#35 Following a really awful comedian is every comic’s dream/nightmare.

#36 Stand-up comics hate improv groups, who hate sketch groups, who hate stand-ups.  It’s like city boys who make fun of small towners, who bash hillbillies, who call city boys pussies.

#37 Everyone’s definition of clean is different.  I had one, until I had to do a kid’s show.  I did three minutes and bailed.

#38 Your definition of clean doesn’t equal the club’s.  Trust me.

#39 Never underestimate the stupidity of drunk people.  Your English literature joke is no match for a guy smacking his own ass onstage.

#40 Free booze at a show is awesome.  Until you realize the town you’re in has no taxi service.