• Dumb laws

    Posted by on February 22, 2011

    I have worked in Pennsylvania five times recently.  It is amazing the difference b/w states.  First, they have no lever to automatically pump your gas.  This apparently saves fuel, but not my comfort as I freeze my ass off filling my tank.  Second, they have three ways to get beer – at a bar, at a six pack store, and at a case only distributor.  Bar = OK, six pack = really?, case only = thanks for promoting reckless drunkeness.  I went to a “distributor” that sold only four kinds of beer in cases, plus cigars…but no cigarettes.  So much for the unspilled fuel, morons, I had to drive a couple miles to get cigs.  Where is the lighter store?  Then I have to head to the peanut butter store, hope I have time to go to the bread outlet, the jelly depository, and the butter knife emporium.  Stupid state laws.

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  1. Damon Okey on February 26, 2011 at 9:56 am

    I too do a good deal of work in PA. Here in Ohio, there is a law that states we must stop at an intersection when there is a stop sign. Not in PA. Stop except for right turns? Only on some stop signs? I love it when I’m stopped at a an intersection with my right turn signal on and the four cars behind me are laying on the horn because I didn’t know this particular stop sign was optional. I say take it one step further, cut out the confussion, and just take all of the stop signs out completely. Anarchy on the highway, lets make PA like one of the Mad Max movies.

    On the topic of buying beer in PA, I too find it distressing. In Pottsville, PA at “America’s Oldest Brewery” is the most delicious brew ever concieved of in the United States, Yuengling Traditional Lager. Brewed since 1829 this beer is so delightful it’s worth traveling to PA just to buy some. And if you want a taste you’ll have to (or at least drive to WV) because they don’t sell it in Ohio. Sure you can buy it as far south as Alabama but the state directly to west of you, fuck off. Terrorists, if your looking for a target in the U.S. feel free to carpet bomb Pennsylvania. Do the rest of us a favor and blow that shithole off the map.