Take that, 2020! I have a show! Telling jokes and “my little bits” (please God don’t ever tell me to use that in one of my little bits, you will catch hands stat). I got a text from an old comedy pal who will remain unnamed as I didn’t ask permission to name drop, but this will be my first show in over six months. Feel free to toss in a Sir Mix a Lot “Uhh, double up, Uhh! Uhh!”

In all seriousness, I thought about retiring. That’s a nice way of saying quitting. Before I had kids, I had went over 8 days without doing comedy twice in eight years. I’ve done two shows (same day, btw) since February last year. That is ass. ASS. ASS! In all honesty, the pandemic stole my shows, but the social media political bullshit stole my motivation. I am truly exhausted mentally with cult of personality, party over country, blind hypocrisy and most of all, good friends and family shitting all over each other over their opinions. I’ve blogged about four times since October and it has been a chore.

That aside, I finally feel a bit invigorated and ready to tackle the stage. I also had some old blogs pop up in my memories when I had actual real life experiences and that helped also. I promise no soapboxing, although I am rustier than the Edmund Fitzgerald. BTW, I had COVID and have antibodies until at least March, so don’t rain on my parade. I’ll see you Feb. 13 at the Brickyard, Marion. Let’s see if we can have a chuckle.