• Wifflepuke: America’s game

    Posted by on June 11, 2019

    I was recently taken back down memory lane seeing a wiffleball bat in a store.  Not to when I played as a kid, but rather, when I played a true team sport, not for money, but for love of the game: Wifflepuke.

    No one knows where this timeless battle of wills was first created, but they were surely drunk or well on their way.  In college, I was introduced and fell in love.  How does it work?  Here’s the rules.

    Rule 1 – Always have a beer in your hand.  The only exception is when batting, you are allowed to bat two handed, but you can’t run to first without your ice cold, flat, cheap keg beer.

    Rule 2 – You can be out by being hit directly with a throw and the head is not a safe zone, it fact, it is encouraged to target.

    Rule 3 – In the event of a home run, every one on defense must chug his or her beer.

    Rule 4 – If you strikeout, do a keg stand or funnel (bong) a beer.  Your choice, loser.

    Rule 5 – Every third inning, a bat spin race commences – three spins around the bat and run back.  If you haven’t figured it out, that’s where the puke comes into the name.

    That’s it!  It’s up to old veterans of the game to pass along the knowledge to the younger generation.  Pass it on, it’s perfect for so many outdoor summer events: kid’s parties, family reunions, Tuesdays, and more!

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