• I like one mortgage payment better than two

    Posted by on January 9, 2018

    Yesterday my wife and I closed on our former home officially, beginning a new era where we had had only mortgage payment instead a couple.  Well, not to get political, but I support that.  Luckily, now we can stockpile all our money and build a new empire (looks at calendar, sees second kid is due in less than a month, looks up how to rob a bank online).

    It’s a strange thing, what you feel about a house when selling it.  At first, you think of the things you will miss (and not miss) about the house, then you drift in and out of nostalgia.  Then you get the remedy list where you have to fix all the stuff you’ve been putting off and you start to hate the house with all your soul.  Luckily for us, we did a lot of work (by we, I mean mostly my wife) so it was ready to roll.  Even then, we redid the cabinets, put a support jack beam in the garage, had some electrical work done, which is fun when you work all day, then fly over to your old house and put in four hours at night.  That’s called sarcasm, it’s not even remotely fun.  With my condo that I used to own, I had to rent it out, which is a pure living nightmare.  Rent checks late, renter calls you to tell you drain is clogged (did you try Drano?  No?  Can you start there?  You’ve been living there a year.)  I was researching how to get away with arson when suddenly I got an offer on the condo.  Maybe next time, arson!

    All that said, it’s a big relief and we went to celebrate at Red Lobster, since we haven’t had seafood outside of fish sandwiches from drive thrus in months.  My daughter wouldn’t get away from the “pinchers” in the lobster tank, so I spent the first 15 minutes hearing her say she wanted to touch the “pinchers” and “See the pinchers?”  I also ordered lobster, which I began to feel guilty about, but luckily they had ice cream and my daughter didn’t notice.  Pinchers are delicious.

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