• 2017 year in review – well, my year, screw everyone else

    Posted by on December 28, 2017

    It’s that time for the year end recap of my blogs, which are read by humans or spambots at a clip of thousands of times a minute.  OK a year, but thanks for reading and please get me an ad sponsor, I’m poor.

    My most read blogs this year were #3, Chris Cornell and Suicide, which you can read here.  I will miss that man’s flawless rock voice and his contributions to music.  My #2?  I CAN’T REPOST IT OR SHARE OR EVEN HAVE YOU READ IT!  I went on a rather pointed rant against a company, which thanks to you, the readers, caused their corporate office to call me and offer an “agreement” in exchange to remove the scathing review.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE AKA ME.

    My most popular blog this year was my take on the kneeling during the anthem.  Ta-da!  That was number one, so basically suicide, horrible life experiences and an event that caused national strife – all my most read blogs.  The other top hitters were about my kid, because no one cares about me anymore, but it’s OK because she’s really cute and I’m an asshole.  Come back in 2018 for more depressing and somewhat maybe humorous hot takes!

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