• Super Bowl entertainment

    Posted by on February 8, 2011

    When we will have a day where, forced to watch this drivel, the shows are actually good?  Hopefully, never.  Christina Aguliera flubs the words to the national anthem, which is played before every sporting event, veterans’ parade, and even on your TV at five am.  She probably got more money for screwing it up than I’ll make in the next decade.  Then the Black Eyed Peas come up at the half.  Can they pick two or three songs instead doing a 10 minute mash up of their greatest hits?  Why Slash, why, did you wear your trademark hat w/ bedazzler beads?  Did Axl keep all the GNR money to produce Chinese Democracy?  Clearly not, that album was more disappointing than a dry wedding reception.  Why all the dancers w/ tupperware boxes on their heads?  Does this enhance horrible pop music or is this a bad knock off of the Beijing Olympic ceremonies?  Oh, and in case you forgot – 111 million watched some game that was going on.  Better add Usher and a couple male dancers!  We’re losing the 35-49 male audience!

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  1. Rich on February 8, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    I actually liked Chinese Democracy you prick