• Open mics (mike not mick)

    Posted by on June 15, 2010

    Every comedian starts at open mics and every comedian needs open mics to stay on top on his/her game, try new material, and meet other comics and bookers.  They are unpaid, start late, run later, there’s 29 comics in the show and at best some drunk fat dude says, “You’re kinda funny.  You know my friends say I’m funny…(15 minutes later) so I going to run this by you (another 10 minutes)…what do you think?”  That being said when you kick ass in a room full of drunk people annoyed that you’re interrupting their sporting event or pool game or inane conversation – it feels pretty fantastic.  Take that, generic brand for cialis open mic!  Now I go home sleep deprived so I can feel like dirt tomorrow.

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