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  • Great show

    https://www.instagram.com/alasar78/ Instagram Детейлинг Posted by on August 18, 2010

    Facebook Автостудия Глянец here I just MC’d the Columbus Funny Bone.  I had the greatest line and most cialis manufacturer offensive line ever.  My good friend Dean Masello, a half Jew, did a great bit about his 70 year old in the closet neighbor trying to seduce him via wine to see his New Wave Oven (which cooks a frozen turkey in 20 mins).  I grabbed the mike and said “God damn, how come you Jews will buy any line to get in front of an oven?”  I know it’s awful, but it was funny.  If we can’t laugh about our pasts, we can’t laugh about anything – and that was funny as hell.  The show went great and thanks to everyone who doesn’t let PC BS rule their lives.

  • If it wasn’t so funny, it would be sad

    https://www.instagram.com/detailing_studio Instagram Автостудия Глянец Posted by on August 11, 2010

    I went on a date last week and amazingly, it went half way well.  Then as we talked, she saw my comedy and sent me a text barrage that said I was too “silly” and it might affect her career.  I responded, “Did you at least like my comedy?”  I may suck as a human, but God bless it I make people laugh.  Hit the bricks, toots!  I still have booze and a generic cialis cheap dog.  What more do you want?

  • Skewed memories

    Posted by on August 10, 2010

    I redid some old “classics” tonight at an open mike b/c I have writer’s block and leaned on the past.  I realized that after a year, 5 of my top 10 jokes were absolute and complete dog shit.  Five, however, are pretty good.  My favorite player growing up was cialis rebate Andy Van Slyke.  He never batted .500.  Take that, childhood hero!  Now if only more clubs had that standard, I’d be famous.  Apparently, these snobs want a “complete” set where “most” people “enjoy” the “show”.  Stupid comedy.  I’ll get you yet, you old dog.  By the way, if I ever use quotes this much again, kick me in the groin.

  • Winner!

    Posted by on August 5, 2010

    Just won the “Funniest Person in Cincinnati, Semi-Pro” cialis offer at Go Bananas – I’ll be working a full week there as a feature.  Details soon for the show.  Columbus, Cincinnati…next up is the Circleville Pumpkin Festival!  I’m coming for you, Circleville!

  • MC of a bad show

    Posted by on July 28, 2010

    Tonight at the Funny Bone I was asked to MC a show w/ 8 brand new comics (of 13).  I felt like when they handed me the lineup I was the undertaker from the Godfather.  “I need you to use all your powers to put my son back together…I don’t want his mother to see him like this.”  Show wasn’t awful b/c the newbs brought a healthy crowd, though.  Memorable moments:  A newb did a Robin Leach where can i get cialis impression.  Yes.  In 2010.  I said, “The next comic will do an impression of a comedian!”  I’m an ass.  The worst one?  Bombed for the entire show.  I said “That’s why you only paid $5.  I looked at this guy and thought, “Don’t do drugs.”  Then I looked again and said, “Don’t let pregnant women do drugs.”  I’m a dick, but you know what?  I love America.  Talk shit now.

  • Reprehensible

    Posted by on July 27, 2010

    This week – 1. The Lockerbie bomber (who blew up 270 people) was freed due to pressure from BP to get oil rights and the American gov’t was in line.  2. Arlington National Cemetery (which I’ve been to and was moved buy cialis no prescription – which is rare for me) has an epidemic of mislabeled graves.  This is waiting to boil, any day.  Just wait.  3. After receiving a billion in US aid, the Pakistani gov’t may have sold American soldiers out to the Taliban (see wikileaks).  Anyone still want more gov’t control?  Also, your taxes are going up Jan. 1!  Term limits, anyone?  Oh by the way, Congress spent $600,000 in bottled water last year – that’s your money.  Do you get free water at work?  If you don’t care, please don’t vote.  Ever.  Sometimes, folks, I’m not funny.  If you can joke about this, you’re better than me.