For those of you who don’t know me very well,I hate the gov’t.   I recently did my taxes and got a huge refund.  I was intially excited until the section where I got taxed on cialis en francais my refund from last year.  Federal gov’t: “Did you get the money we owe you?”  Me: “Yes, and you made interest on it.”  Feds: “Cool, BTW, we’re taxing that.”  Me: “What?”  Feds: “Yes, how dare you make money off the money we graciously gave back to you that was yours in the first place.”  All parties are corrupt, I hate when Bush/Obama lovers defend their candidate.  Wake up America and think.  Taxes = oppression.

First blog…

Hello all.  I was asked recently by a 4′ 10″ Guatemalan how to make it in comedy.  Here goes…First you have to drink heavily.  Second, you get on stage and your friends tell you that you are the new revolution of humor.  Then your friends quit coming out and you bomb horribly several times.  Eventually, you get OK, which means you get laughs enough not to cut yourself in your bathroom like Lindsay Lohan after a bender.  After years of getting short paid, you finally get funny enough to get work in obscure towns entertaining drunks, which means comedy clubs tell you to go to hell and never call again.  After that, you lose several jobs chasing your delusional dreams of being a comedian.  Then, if you survive all cialis jelly that – you’re finally above an open miker…and you’re years away from making enough to not live in your car.  With no insurance.  He took it pretty well.  I’m sure I’ll never see my new friend again, but I felt like I uplifted his spirit.  Anyone want to hear about my thoughts on finding true love?  Tune in next week!

Weekly blog

What is the most important news of the week?  Healthcare swinging on the balance of a Mass. election?  Relief efforts in Haiti?  The war on terror?  Some say it’s the unveiling of’s new blog.  I will be forcing myself to attempt to be funny for your entertainment, at no cost to you, or any financial average cost of cialis gain to me.  It’s just the wonderful person that I am.  In these rough economic seas, see what I think about random topics to entertain you and perhaps maybe, just maybe, bring a little sunshine into your horrifically miserable days.  Enjoy and have a wonderful day.

Hello friends

New video clips should be added soon so you can snuggle up with your families by the fire, sip on some hot chocolate, and all have a hearty laugh at my wholesome brand of All-American street value of cialis humor.  Have a blessed New Year, friends.  Peace and goodwill to all.